Natural ingredients  

Our delicious food is packed with all natural ingredients without adding any preservatives or artificial colors; we have come with the MAYAN’S concept of eating all natural food, without taking shortcuts for preparing/cooking food.​

Welcome to our kitchen

Our menu is packed with classic dishes we create from scratch. ​

Great taste of our hand rolled burritos, tacos and quesadillas will tell you how much effort we put into our mouthwatering products. It's real food made by hand, with all fresh ingredients with traditional fire roasted techniques right in front of you like our all natural and daily prepared salsas, sauces and our GUAC.

Our 100% grain fed chicken,

 Canadian triple A beef,

 real meat cooked in real Mexican seasonings 

gives real flavor and real good feeling about what you are eating. Carefully  marinated overnight and charred at perfection.

Pick your style,

choose all your toppings as you move along to customize your meal

and enjoy your 'made fresh' meal.  

Added value is that the meats served here are cooked/grilled in house rather than microwaved frozen meat.

Our meat quality is what set us apart. We focus on real food, freshly prepared and preservative free.

Ultimately our focus on higher food quality will result in higher guest satisfaction.

It’s real Mexican food you will love to share with family and friends.

GUAC is all about fresh ingredients.
Let’s make your food the way you like it at GUAC.
 Free of preservatives or artificial flavors.